What Are The Perks Of Making Ryerson University Your New School

The last two years of high school come with a lot of new experiences. One of them is choosing a college or university you want to attend once you graduate. Not only is it difficult to narrow down to a specific program, but to also narrow down to one school. To make deciding on a school easier for new high school graduates, we have compiled a list of 10 reasons to why you should consider attending Ryerson.

1. Shop & Study

You go to school right next to one of the biggest malls in Canada, The Eaton Centre. Find yourself shopping between classes, conveniently visiting stores you plan to stop by at, or buying lunch at the food court.

2. Travel

You are in the downtown core, so you can easily get around different parts of the city by bus, streetcar, subway, walking, bike, or ride sharing. If you plan to spend your free time with a friend in another neighborhood within the city, getting there will not be a problem. 

3. Food & Drink

There are lots of popular chain restaurants and new food places to discover around campus. Whether you are in the mood for lunch at Chipotle or dinner and drinks at Jack Astors, you are a quick walk away from both.

4. Intern & Co-op

Many programs in the university help you jumpstart your future career by providing networking opportunities and helping you find job placements with big-name corporations.

5. Networking Events

There are various opportunities to attend events hosted by the university, corporations from multiple industries, allowing students to connect with industry professionals.

6. Friendly Professors

Many Ryerson professors are open to talk with students and provide help with exams and assignments. Do not be afraid to introduce yourself to your professor, especially if you are in a larger lecture. A little can go along way when you open up to faculty members that are willing to help you!

7. Programs

Ryerson offers a fair list of reputable programs, ranging from arts to business, nursing, engineering, sciences and etc. It caters to a variety of students with all kinds of learning interests. 

8. City Campus Living

As a Ryerson student, you get a mix of two environments, a quiet student-friendly campus environment, and the big city environment. You can find spots to get away from the noise and rush that accompanies the city environment or immerse yourself in it. 

9. Writing Support

Ryerson provides free writing support to students who need help with writing assignments, available at the Student Learning Centre. If you need someone to provide you with guidance in citations, formats, or even just proofread any spelling errors, there are tutors available for assistance on the 5th floor of SLC.

10. Career Help

Ryerson’s Career Centre provides free career advice to current Ryerson students and Ryerson graduates for up to 2 years after graduation. The Career Centre provides programs and services for students to enhance your experience and potential in the workforce. You can also receive career advice from specialists by booking one-on-one sessions.

When attending Ryerson University, consider the opportunities offered to you in its unique environment. If you are someone who gets excited about being connected to the city and studying at an innovative and career-boosting university, Ryerson is for you!

Published on August 26, 2019

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