When you’re accepted into a Canadian university, it’s exciting! You’re ready to explore a new city, make some great friends, and begin learning already. But when you’re traveling to Ryerson University, which is located in downtown Toronto, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Where do you start?

International Student Support

First of all, it’s important to note that there’s international student support available to make your transition much smoother. Ryerson even provides a checklist to read over before your arrival. This includes registering for orientation, applying for residence or off-campus housing, getting a health plan and bringing important travel documents. There’s also a section to review for when you arrive and what to expect when obtaining your study permit or filling out a declaration card. This should help alleviate some of that anxiety you’re having over studying somewhere new. 

Book a Tour

Take advantage of all that Ryerson has to offer and book your visit/tour with the school in advance. Here, you will meet student ambassadors and get a real feel for the campus. Check out Ryerson’s International Visits page for more information on booking. However, if you are unable to physically make it in for a tour, try a virtual one! Ryerson also offers virtual school visits that you can set up with your school as well as virtual tours that you can check out anytime. 

The Toronto Experience

What’s life like in this great city? Research it, dear friends! Learn the cost of living in Toronto, available housing, and semester dates before traveling. Then, explore the city! With so much to do, it’s best to check out websites such as Tourism Toronto and the City of Toronto’s Visiting Information Services Page to determine what you need to know about the city and where you want to visit. Pencil in some fantastic festivals and events! Discover summer patios, adventures at the Toronto Zoo and Ripley’s Aquarium, or head over to Toronto’s music scene! For photos of Toronto from citizens who live here, check out the hashtag #SeeTorontoNow. 

In The End…

Starting at a university in a different country can turn you into a ball of anxiety, but if you do your research and determine what’s waiting for you when you arrive, you’ll feel a lot more prepared and confident that you will do well… because you will! If you’re still nervous — and excited — about traveling to Ryerson University and exploring Toronto, review the Pre-Arrival Manual: Coming to Ryerson. It’s filled with important information that every student needs!

Published on August 26, 2019

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