Thinking About Studying Business in Toronto? Consider What Ryerson University Has To Offer

Are you an international student looking to study business in the city of Toronto? It can be hard narrowing down to one business school when there are multiple options you can apply to. Here are some reasons why Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management should be your top choice!

1. Networking With The Pros

One of the benefits of attending the Ted Rogers business school is the opportunity of networking with industry professionals. Firstly, you can connect with current and former co-op students, or alumni that are looking to hire students. You can participate in case competitions, coffee talks, receive mentoring, learn social media networking, and attend industry dinners and galas.

2. A Variety of Programs To Choose From

Ted Rogers also offers a variety of graduate and undergraduate programs. Some examples of undergraduate programs are Accounting and Finance, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management, Global Management Studies, etc. There are also health-related business programs such as Health Services Management and Health Information Management. 

3. A Large Business Co-op Program

The Co-op program offered at Ted Rogers is considered one of the largest co-op programs. It is partnered with hundreds of employers from various industries and has a professional staff of recruiters that look for the right employers. 

4. Preparation & Skills Bootcamps

Ted Rogers prepares students for their future careers by helping them learn industry-relevant skills. Bootcamps that are lead by student and industry leaders are offered to co-op students by teaching skills like design thinking, consulting, data analytics, etc. Ted Rogers also prepares students through other workshops, assessments, certifications, and more skills training. 

5. Graduate To A Full-Time Job

Another great perk of attending the Ted Rogers business school is that after your education and co-op experience, you have much higher chances of landing a relevant job once you graduate. Ted Rogers statistics show that 90% of graduates from the co-op program are offered jobs before they even graduate. This is a result of previous co-op employers reaching back out to students. 

The five reasons listed above definitely go a long way for Ryerson business students. Ted Rogers offers a bright future for its students and has made a large impact on the workforce in and out of Toronto. Join the movement and apply to Ryerson’s business school now!

Published on August 26, 2019

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