The Top Reasons Why Students Choose To Transfer Programs At Ryerson

Whether you’re 17 or 27 it isn’t always easy to think about what you’re going to do for the rest of your life or where you’re going to spend it. Coming out of highschool, we’re on a timeline and we forget about our options apart from school. If you’re like me and many others, after you chose post secondary you met a lot of people and learned a lot of things. I made a lot of friends who travelled to a lot of places, who tried a different program at a different school, or who simply took some time to make that bank – all of which I hadn’t done or didn’t have. Going into my final year of university at just 20 years old I don’t regret going to university right away but I do wish I knew my options – and I’m not talking options as in which campus tour is next. 

Once you finally hit that post secondary path, university opens your eyes and might even have you second guessing your studies – and that’s okay. We’ve thought about it and here are the top 5 reasons that students transfer from between programs at Ryerson University.

Big City Feels

Let’s be honest, maybe you lived in one small town for your entire life and simply didn’t know you could seriously pursue a degree in the creative industries, interior design, or dancing! With professors in the industry who are spending their free time in movies, in film festivals, and shaping the culture we live today it’s easier to stray away from your typical readings and three hour lectures. Traditional programs are essential but Ryerson University’s innovative ways of learning and studying opens your eyes. With cultural neighbourhoods, endless festivals, and foodie havens, the city has a way of making you realize what you truly love and appreciate! Ryerson is a progressive campus with programs supporting the city it exists within. Whether you’re sitting on the beach on the 6th floor in the middle of the city or hanging courtside with Eggy where the Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup (can you believe it), Ryerson University has your dreams on the forefront and the academic programs to support them. Feel free to say goodbye readings and hello hands on exploring. 

I just had a change of heart.

Whether Mom and Dad told you what you should do for the rest of your life or not, we understand that your family may have had an influence or opinion in what you chose to pursue for the next 4 years, and maybe more. The fact is, three weeks or three years into your studies, things change. Growing up and thinking your life will follow one direct path can cause a lot of pressure and stress in all your decisions. This is okay and this is normal. Good news is, Ryerson University offers a wide spread variety of programs that allow you to explore all the paths you never heard of in good ol’ small town Ontario. Hard work in Toronto means success for even those who aren’t a banker or a lawyer.

What’s realistic?

No sugar coating it, sometimes you just don’t succeed in a program you’ve planned to pursue. It happens and there are people waiting to help! Your program department is the first place you should visit if this is the case. Talking to your academic advisor who has given advice to the bundles of students just like you is a great place to start. They will know based on your current standing if your program is something you can or should pursue and they know your options – and yes there definitely are some. Shying that minimum GPA is not a shame but rather a nudge to recall all the other crazy paths you’ve considered!

One-of-a-kind programs.

Being a young adult today confirms that you have definitely been interrogated by your elders about your lifestyle and habits. From your attention span to your career choices, they probably have something to say about it. Perhaps you thought you had it all figured out when you came to Ryerson to get your Bachelor of Commerce and then somehow came across the school of fashion. Maybe you’ve always loved fashion and arrived at university to unfortunately confirm that you definitely do hate calculus. Say you love advertising, management, and product development but spent your childhood dressing up and checking out what Miley Cyrus would be wearing next. Sounds like transferring programs might make your life that much easier. Ryerson combines unique degrees with state of the art equipment, and hands on lab space making any Ryerson student that much more exciting. After all, we know we need that brain behind the scenes to make us spend half our paycheck on a new outfit. 

Falling for the one you told them not to worry about.

The great thing about university is you choose what you’re studying but also get to dabble in who knows what thanks to those pesky liberals and electives. Seemingly a pain because they often have no relation to your program, your liberals and electives can open your eyes to so much more. As an arts student who loves Fleetwood Mac, Post Malone and everything in between it somehow never occurred to me that I should enroll in music electives. I didn’t quite end up transferring programs but I can confirm that after my first music course at Ryerson I was hooked. I quickly went for a minor in music and spent half a semester with one professor because these courses were just that great??? I can’t sing and I don’t play instruments so why would I ever enroll in a music program? Turns out it’s a hell of a lot of fun and I learned so much about the thing I spend all my time on. Who would’ve thought that a tiring liberal would have me more excited than a lab?? 

Published on August 26, 2019

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