Ryerson University conveniently offers the option of taking online courses. We have created a list to help you when you are searching for interesting yet easy online courses to add to your busy schedule. Take a look at this list below!

1. CGMS200 – Introduction To Global Management

The course looks at management from a global context. It covers a variety of topics: origins of management, forms of business ownership, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, organizational structure, strategy, operations management, international business, social and ethical issues. Take this course if you want to expand your business knowledge on a global scale!

2. CEID100 – Digital Skills and Innovation For The Global Economy

This course introduces students to the use of technology, the Internet, and different digital tools in order to expand their knowledge of digital technologies. The class is about exploring the appropriate use of digital technologies, and discussing the role of technology and media in career development and the broader society. Take this if you want to learn the basics of technology in an easy introductory course!

3. CENG505 – Creative Writing

This course allows students to study models of good writing and to explore their own creative writing abilities. Some course topics include style, prosody, conflict, character, dialogue, and revision. Word on the street is that this course has classes in which you complete a portfolio and have no exam!

4. CENG112 – Zap, Pow, Bang! Popular Literature

This course can only be described as really easy. It is so simple that if you can read a book, then you can easily pass the course! This is the perfect course to take for all you book worms out there!

5. CMUS101 – Intro To World And Early European Music

This course has been described as one of the easiest liberals to take at Ryerson University. It provides a general introduction and overview of the history of world and early European music. Music courses are normally much easier to do well in, so if you are looking for that easy A, give this one a shot.

Hopefully, this list of courses can simplify your decision-making process when choosing online Ryerson courses. Even though there are many more courses out there to discover, this list is for students looking to learn something new and score a better grade. 

Published on August 26, 2019

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