Ryerson’s Campus can get pretty confusing when you are looking for assistance with your school needs. There are a few locations on campus that you can visit when it comes to financial services, and here is where you can find them:

1. ServiceHub

The Ryerson ServiceHub is considered a “one-stop” shop for students who have questions regarding their school-related needs or concerns. The advisors are available to answer questions regarding financial assistance, such as OSAP, scholarships, tuition, fees, etc. 

2. International Student Support

This service provides financial support specifically for international students. It provides assistance with the Scotiabank Scholarship, Salad King International Student Awards, and emergency bursaries for when students are in severe financial need. You can also directly contact the staff in their office located in Ryerson’s Podium Building. 

3. RSU

The Ryerson Student Union Provides its own financial services to students as well. It offers students the opportunity to apply for awards and bursaries that can help with their financial needs. Some examples of what students can apply for through RSU are an Emergency Bursary, a Mental Health and Leadership Award, a Graduate Travel Grant, and a Career Development Grant. Their office is located in the Ryerson Student Centre.


The Continuing Education Students’ Association of Ryerson also provides continuing education students with an emergency grant for students with unexpected financial emergency situations. The CESAR also offers a bursary available once every school term. You can also find their office in the Ryerson Student Centre. 

It is always helpful to know who you can turn to at your university when times get tough financially. Hopefully, this article helps students learn that they are not alone and can always look for assistance from Ryerson’s staff members through a variety of services!

Published on August 26, 2019

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