Here’s Some Tips You Need To Know When Prepping For Ryerson Course Enrolment

Picking a University is hard, picking your courses can be even harder!

Congrats you’ve accepted Ryerson University as your school of choice! Meaning you’ve officially unlocked the privilege of entering what is known as “Course Enrolement”, a Hunger Games esque event where incoming students fight for the courses they want. Lucky for you, we at StudentLifeNetwork got you covered with all the tips and tricks you need to survive the RAMSS Games (as we like to put it). 

1#. Wake up early and be on time

On the Ryerson website they highlight significant dates, and on this page they highlight what date and time of enrolment each year will be on. They do this to avoid RAMSS crashing due to too many students accessing it at the same time. Find out when you need to be online for and set you alarm in advance. This is especially important if you’re international, make sure you figure out the time difference so you don’t miss out on the classes you want to take! Check out the enrollment dates here.

#2. Plan ahead, fill your shopping cart

Similar to what you would do while online shopping, you can go through RAMMS in advance and select which classes you want to add in your shopping cart. Although you won’t be able to actually enrol in them until your chosen enrolment date, it saves you a lot of time the day of as instead of having to dig for the classes you need, they’re already there in your cart! All you have to do day of is hit the enrol button, hope you chosen classes aren’t full, and then BAMB you’re done!

#3. Know your required courses

There is a filtered version of your Advisement Report that shows only courses you have completed and classes that are offered to your program and plan in the term you selected. Just like your Advisement Report, you can scroll down and see your satisfied and unsatisfied requirements and their status. Scroll down to view the Required Courses on RAMSS and become familiar with what courses you need to take for each semester. It’s important to know your requirements to ensure you graduate on time, missing one course even in your first semester of University can put you behind, so it’s best to plan ahead and familiarize yourself before enrolment time!

#4. Talk to your classmates

A lot of the time you will need to do elective classes within your first year, it can sometimes be intimidating to do so alone. So why not hit up your Ryerson Accepted Facebook group and see what electives students are recommending, you may find some new friends who are interested in the same class that you are. OR you may discover a class you didn’t even know existed fits right into your schedule! Talk to your classmates and help each other out to ensure you get the best course enrolment experience!

#5. Consider all your options

This one goes out to you commuters! Plan ahead, would you rather only come to campus 3 out of 5 days a week, would you rather space all your classes out so you have a mid-week break, do you prefer early classes or late classes? Consider all your options while selecting your courses so that it matches up with your lifestyle. This isn’t high school anymore! You have complete control on how you wish to structure your semester so do your best to plan accordingly. 

With all this in mind, we know that if you prep using these tips and tricks then your RAMSS Ryerson Course Enrolment will be a BREEZE! You’ll come out feeling like Katniss Everdeen, the only difference is that you didn’t have to do any physical activity to come out on top! Best of luck with your course enrolment and even more luck heading into your first semester as a Ryerson Ram!

Published on August 26, 2019

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