Paying your university or college tuition is one of the most important things to keep track of as a student. It is also part of learning new “adulting” responsibilities that will creep up on you later in life. Here is a short guide to help you maintain your student fees and stay ahead of the game! 

1. Keep Checking RAMMSS

The simplest way to stay updated on what you owe the university in student fees is by checking your RAMMSS account. You can find the summary of fees in your account under “Account Summary”. This is a quick way for students to get a glimpse of what they owe in the following semester. 

As a Ryerson student, I frequently catch myself checking my Account Summary to see if there are any outstanding balances. I find it very useful since it is right at the front of the Student Center page on RAMMSS, which means you are bound to see the number as soon as you log on into RAMMSS.

2. Look Further Into Account Inquiry

You can find Account Inquiry under “My Account” under the “Student Fees” section. If you click on it, you get further details on your account summary, a breakdown of what charges are included in your semester’s payment, and a breakdown of your recent payments. This will help you keep track of previous payments and become knowledgeable about what you are paying for. 

Sometimes you will find yourself not caring enough to click on pages containing information that does not seem relevant at the moment. Fair enough… but it is still important to explore the pages that provide you with details on what you are paying for! You should stay informed about where your money is going when making larger payments, such as student fees. For example, when I first checked out Account Inquiry, I was surprised to find out I was paying for services I did not even know about!

3. Learn How To Pay Your Fees

Staying updated on paying your student fees also means understanding the process of paying them. The Ryerson Registrar website also provides steps and options in paying your student fees. One way to pay is through online or telephone banking. The website provides steps for paying within or outside of Canada. It also explains other options of payment, providing students with options most convenient to them.

 As a Ryerson student myself, paying for my first semester was pretty stressful because I was worried the payment would not go through on time. The page on the Ryerson Registrar website linked in the heading above was fairly useful in helping me follow the right steps in completing the payment process smoothly. After my first semester, I would still find myself referring to this page to make sure I was not forgetting or missing anything. 

Following these tips should help you responsibly keep track of when and what you are paying towards your Ryerson education. Staying informed is the most crucial tip when it comes to paying compulsory fees. Keep your fees paid and avoid those outstanding balances for good!

Published on August 26, 2019

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