Here’s How To Optimize Your Ryerson Schedule Before The School Year Begins

It’s your life, schedule it the way you want!

If it’s not already, Google Calendar is about to become your best friend at Ryerson. Your schedule is everything, planning your life is important, and making sure you Ryerson school schedule fits with your life is important. This isn’t high school anymore, some classes are only 1 hour, some classes start at 6pm, some classes are online! Here are some tips and tricks on how to optimize your Ryerson schedule before the school year begins. 

#1. Plan ahead!

Before course enrolment take a peek at the courses you want and make sure they’re in your shopping cart, that will give you the head in trying to create the perfect schedule. Electives are offered at a variety of times, so if you’re trying to get your elective in the middle of the week verses the beginning, then plan ahead!

#2. Know your required courses

To graduate there are certain courses you’ll need to have under your belt. Know which courses are mandatory for you to graduate and then find out what days, times, and semester those classes run. You wouldn’t want to plan your entire schedule to just find out at the end that your mandatory course ruins your “Wednesday’s off” plan.

#3. Know what works and what doesn’t

If your mandatory class is only offered at a certain time then it should take priority over the elective class that you wanted that happens to run at the same time. But no need to freet, just know what works and what doesn’t work for you. Do you want classes on Friday, do you want to only be on campus two days a week to save yourself from commuting, how about knowing your work schedule in advance to plan ahead. Know what works and what doesn’t for your lifestyle in order to optimize your Ryerson schedule before you create it.

#4. Talk to your friends

Look let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to have classes with their BFFL?! Even if you don’t know anyone when you’re entering University, you can always make new friends on the Ryerson Accepted Facebook page! If you try and match up your schedules then you know that you’ll for sure have a friend who can cover you for notes if you’re sick or even have a solidified study buddy for the semester! Talk to your friends if you want to make your schedules match.

#5. Night Owl Vs. Early Bird

You know yourself better than anyone else, are you a night owl or an early bird? Will you fall asleep in class if it’s too early or do you want to take late classes so you can go to the gym during the day. Do you need your nights off for work? To see friends? Know what works for your sleep and life patterns to better optimize your Ryerson Schedule before the school year begins.

At the end of the day we are human and we adapt to whatever our life situations may be. But if you have the power to make your schedule what you want it to be, why not take advantage of that to avoid having classes during times that you wouldn’t want it. We hope this list of how to optimize your Ryerson Schedule before the school year begins was helpful! Now go out there and have a great first semester!

Published on August 26, 2019

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