The tall and spacious Student Learning Centre is the place to be if you attend Ryerson University. This building offers 8 themed floors of study space, hang out areas, and even learning support. If you are on Ryerson campus and are ever in the mood to take some time to chill and rewind, there are a couple of floors you can visit:

The 7th Floor

If you just need a quiet space to either think or clear your mind, the 7th floor is your destination. The 7th floor of the SLC is the quiet floor, asking students to keep their voices down for anyone studying. Take advantage of this floor for your own needs, whether you are studying or not, you can enjoy the peace and quiet. 

The 6th Floor

If you are looking for a floor to hang out on, chill on some beanie chairs, and enjoy a casual lunch with a friend, the 6th floor is your go-to. The 6th floor is themed as “the beach”. Just as the theme implies, the beach floor provides laid back seating for students to wind down and look out to Yonge and Dundas from the building’s massive windows. 

Adding on to the floors mentioned above, there are also a few more floors with seating areas that give students the opportunity to settle down to study or hang out. These floors would be the 4th, 5th, and 8th floor. Give all these floors a visit next time you are at the SLC and just need a place to wind down or hang out. 

Published on August 26, 2019

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